Position and function

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Position and Functions

1. Centre of Information Technology is a subordinate service delivery unit of the State Audit Office of Vietnam which shall assist the Auditor-General in unifying the management of information technology-related activities of the State Audit Office; applying information technology in the SAV’s operation; and providing some information technology services according to current laws and regulations of the Auditor-General.

2. Centre of Information Technology has its own legal person status, seal and account. Its operating expenses include annual fund provided by SAV and revenues from its service activities and other sources as prescribed by law.

3. The Centre’s Head Office is located in Hanoi.

Organizational structure

1. The Board of Leadership of The Center of Information Technology includes: Director and Deputy Directors.

2. The organizational structure of Center of Information Technology consists of:

a) Office;

b) Department of Application Deverlopment;

c) Department of System Management and Information Security;

The Office has a Chief of Office and a number of Deputy office; Each Department has a Manager and Deputy Manager assisting the Manager.

The number of Department-level units in each period is determined base on the requirements of missions. The contingent of cadres, civil servants and employees of the Center of Information Technology are decided by the Auditor General at the proposal of the Center's Director and the Director of Department of Organization and Personnel.

The establishment, merger, division, dissolution of department-level units of the Center of Information Technology shall be decided by the Auditor General at the proposal of the Center's Director and Director of Department of Organization and Personnel.

The specific tasks of each department are decided by the Director after obtaining the approval of the Auditor General.

Duties and powers

1. To set up long-term, mid-term and short-term plans for the SAV’s development of information technology to submit to the Auditor-General for his approval; and then carry out the implementation of these plans;

2. To build, manage and develop the SAV’s information technology system to ensure safe and efficient operations of the State Audit Office;

3. To research, build and deploy the application of information technology in the SAV’s operation;

4. To manage and organize information technology training classes of the State Audit Office;

5. To develop annual, long-term information technology training program and plan for cadres, public servants and officials of SAV; and organize compilation of information technology training materials;

6. To guide professional practice in information technology for the subordinate units of SAV;

7. To provide relevant documents for development of information technology of SAV as requested by the subordinate units;

8. To manage, organize and carry out software schemes and projects of SAV;

9. To cooperate with units, organizations and individuals inside and outside the SAV to carry out information technology tasks;

10. To provide information technology services for organizations and individuals interested in consulting, training, transferring technology, providing software and information technology applications, installing, repairing and maintaining computer equipment;

11. To manage the organizational apparatus, officials and staff in accordance with State regulations and devolution of the Auditor-General; organize the implementation of tasks of emulation, reward, discipline, clerical, storage, propaganda, and scientific research according to regulations of the State and Auditor-General; report to the Auditor-General on a monthly, quarterly, annual or extraordinary basis on the work results of the Office;

 12. To organize the work of accounting and settlement of annual fund; manage and use assets and equipment of the Office in accordance with the regulations of the State and Auditor-General;

13. To perform a number of other tasks and gain some other powers as assigned or authorized by the Auditor-General.

(Excerpted from Decision No.611/QD-KTNN on August 2, 2006 of the Auditor General)