Position and function

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Position and function

1. Audit Magazine is the SAV’s organ of public opinion and forum for managers, economic experts, localities, units, enterprises and the whole society in respect of audit issues; it is considered as a means to disseminate the SAV’s activities as well as guidelines and policies of the Party and State regarding audit field and other relevant areas.

2. Audit Magazine is a public service unit directly under the SAV with its own legal personality, seal and separate account. Its operating expenses include annual fund provided by SAV and revenues from its service activities as prescribed by law and other resources funded by some organizations and individuals as permitted by law.

3. The Head Office of Audit Magazine is located in Hanoi City

4. The international transaction name: Audit Magazine.

Duties and Powers

1. To propagate and disseminate guidelines and policies of the Party as well as laws of the State in respect of audit and state audit fields and other relevant issues;

2. To orient popular opinion about the SAV’s activities;

3. To promptly give information about the SAV’s activities; receive and get feedback of the SAV to the society; and publicize the audit results as prescribed;

4. To give information and introduction about international audit experiences and activities;

5. To build a strong news agency; develop capable staff and reporters of Audit Magazine, who hold their own opinions and have professional qualifications and code of ethics; 

6. To set up long-term, mid-term and annual plans to submit to the Auditor-General; and carry out the implementation after being approved by the Auditor-General;

7. To prepare the edition and publication of Audit Magazine in accordance with principles and purposes under the license to operate in the field of journalism and as prescribed by the Law on the Press and stipulated by the Auditor-General;

8. To develop and use a team of collaborators and informants inside and outside the SAV in the whole country in order to carry out tasks of Audit Magazine as stipulated by laws and Auditor-General;

9. To participate in the conferences and workshops of the SAV and its subordinate units; ask leaders of the units directly under the SAV to provide with their relevant information and documents to carry out propagation tasks of the whole sector;

10. To organize the meetings, workshops, press conferences and seminars to serve the information and propaganda activities of the Audit Magazine;

11. To sign advertising contracts and develop specific subject areas with agencies, organizations and units in accordance with the assigned duties and functions;

12. To organize financial activities and carry out accounting and settlement works for annual expenses; manage and use its assets and equipments as stipulated by the State and Auditor-General; take the initiative to perform financial revenues and expenditures  from journalistic activities in accordance with the regulations of laws and the Auditor-General;

13. To manage the organizational apparatus, officials and staff; organize the implementation of tasks of emulation, reward, discipline, storage, propaganda, and scientific research as stipulated by laws and the Auditor-General; report to the Auditor-General on a monthly, quarterly, annual or extraordinary basis on the work results of the Audit Magazine;

14. To carry out other duties and powers as assigned or authorized by the Auditor-General.