The State Audit Office of Viet Nam's plan to prevent and combat corruption and negativity in 2023

Auditor General Ngo Van Tuan, member of the Party Central Committee, recently signed Plan No. 269/KH-KTNN on "Preventing and combating corruption, negativity in 2023."

SAV's plan on preventing and combating corruption and negativity (CNP) in 2023 was promulgated by the Auditor General (AG) to strengthen the responsibility of heads of SAV's units in directing, popularising, and effectively organising the implementation of guidelines, resolutions, and directives of the Party, policies, and laws of the State; the guiding documents of the Central Committee, the conclusions of the General Secretary, Chairman of the Central Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of CNP (Steering Committee) at the 23rd Meeting on January 12, 2023; Plan No. 13-KH/BCDTW dated January 26, 2022 of the Steering Committee, and Action Programme of SAV’s Party Civil Affairs Committee to implement the Resolution of the XIII National Congress in the field of anti-CNP associated with strengthening propaganda and education on anti-CNP. In particular, SAV's plan for 2023 aims to foster a culture of integrity, non-CNP among party members, civil servants, and officers of SAV, resulting in marked changes in preventing and repelling CNP; eliminating opportunities and conditions for the emergence of CNP in conducting audits; and establishing a cadre of civil servants, officers, and employees of SAV who are independent, objective, disciplined, honorable.
The AG requested that the heads of SAV's units enhance their responsibilities in directing, organising, implementing, and monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the law on anti-CNP, and other documents indicating the direction of the competent authority; concretize specific contents and solutions to direct the implementation, detect and promptly handle corruption, ensuring that all unit's performance are transparent; and contribute to the improvement of the anti-corruption environment. Identifying the implementation of tasks and solutions to prevent and combat CNP is also one of the annual performance evaluation criteria. Integrate closely anti-CNP in SAV's auditing and performance. The units presiding over the audit conduct self-inspection and review of the audit reports issued by SAV that are related to the cases under the supervision of the Steering Committee or the Central Party Committee for Internal Affairs or Provincial Party Committee; propose to consider the responsibilities of related collectives and individuals (if any) in the recommendation of Inspection Task Force No. 4 of the Steering Committee; and propose to prosecute cases demonstrating violations of the law.
The AG assigned specific duties within SAV's Plan on anti-CNP in 2023, as well as the responsibilities of affiliated units and a timeframe for implementation. Party committees and heads of SAV's subordinate units must take the initiative, uphold their roles and responsibilities in anti-CNP, consistently identify CNP as a key task, and focus on leading and directing the implementation on a regular and continuous basis; boldly criticise, self-criticize, and resolutely combat CNP. The leaders of subordinate units shall devise specific plans for their units based on the functions, tasks, actual situation of their units, and assigned tasks in this plan and clearly identify the areas and phases where CNP are most likely to occur in their units in order to equip them with effective tasks and solutions for preventing and combating CNP.
The AG also designated the General Affairs Department primary responsibility for monitoring, urging, inspecting, summarising, and reporting on the implementation of this Plan in the annual and periodic anti-corruption reports of SAV, in coordination with relevant units./.