SAV and SAI Laos jointly organize training course for Laos officials in the field of public audit

On 6 September 2017, at the Head Office of the SAV, Auditor General Mr. Ho Duc Phoc had a courtesy meeting with a delegation from SAI Laos (SAO) led by Mr. Bounpone Vanachith, Vice President of SAO.

Mr. Ho Duc Phoc talks with Mr. Bounpone Vanachith and his team

At the meeting, Phoc appreciated the effective and practical cooperation activities between the two agencies in recent years. He said SAV would assign its three regional audit offices to directly liason with three respective regional offices of the SAO for deeper and effective cooperation. "The State Audit Office of Vietnam is willing to share any of its experiences and knowledge on audit activities as well as on other issues that the SAO is interested in", Vietnamese Auditor General affirmed.  

Mr. Bounpone Vanachith expressed his pleasure on the special solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, including the deepened ties between the two SAIs. Vanachith expressed his gratitude for the effective assistance that SAV has given to SAO over the past time, especially in audit training and capacity building. With these supports, by the end of 2015 the legal status of SAO has been laid down in the revised Constitution of Laos and the Law on SAO 2006 is currently drafting for revision.

Later as under the visiting program, SAV held a training course on knowledge sharing for trainees from SAO from 06 to 15 September 2017 in Hanoi. The training was delivered on six topics, namely state budget management auditing (Taxation and Customs Offices at central and local levels); Assurance of auditing quality; Auditing state budget expenditures for road traffic projects; Audit planning with focuses on annual audit plan, strategic audit plan and individual audit plan; Information technology audit; Auditing the national target programs.

Tien and Vanachith chair the opening session of the training program  

Addressing at the opening session of the training, Deputy Auditor General Mr. Doan Xuan Tien said that this training was one of the activities under the mid-term cooperation plan between the two SAIs for the period 2016-2018. He expected that the knowledge sharing would substantially contribute to professional capacity building for Lao auditors. He aslo encouraged Lao and Vietnamese auditors to share and discuss on commonly practical topics during the training to maximize mutual benefits to both SAIs.

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