Preparation for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly speeds up

In August 2017 Organizing Committee chaired by the Auditor General held its quarterly meeting to push up preparatory pace toward the next Assembly.

Auditor General Ho Duc Phoc gave directions at the meeting

Under the meeting agenda, participants discussed on the following items:

(1) The Master Plan on organizing the 14th ASOSAI Assembly by 2018;

(2) Estimated number and composition of delegations attending key events, including Opening Ceremony, the 52nd and 53rd Governing Board Meeting, 1st and 2nd Plenary sessions, and the 7th Symposium.

(3) The design of the Corporation Identify Program (CIP) for the Assembly. At the meeting, the AG emphasized that five Subcommittees and the Secretariat should accelerate the preparation process on organizing the 14th ASOSAI Assembly adhering to the Master Plan. In 2017, the preparation should be focused on observation, planning and designing work. He expected that almost of tasks should be completed by February 2018 so that it could be ready for dry run in April.

The meeting of the Reception and Festivities Subcommittee  

Later in August, the Reception and Festivities Subcommittee chaired by Deputy Auditor General Mr. Vu Van Hoa also held a meeting to discuss its overall work plan and assignment of duties to the members. Hoa stressed that the Subcommittee should quickly develop plans on arranging transportation, social programs, recruiting and training liason officers, etc.

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