SAV works with JDS

On 8th August 2017, at the headquarter of SAV, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department met with Mr. Kenmutso Hedike, Representative of the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS). Attending the meeting were officials from Personnel Department, International Cooperation Department and Audit Training Institute.

Overall scene of the meeting

About JDS in Vietnam, Mr. Kenmutso Hedike said that JDS is a long-term scholarship program sponsored by the Government of Japan to assist the Government of Vietnam. The objective of JDS is to support the development of human resources of the Government of Vietnam, at the same time to expand, tighten bilateral relations between Vietnam and Japan through granting the scholarships of Master’s degree to government officials (2-year program) at Japanese universities. Sixty young government officials who are expected to take leadership roles in Vietnam will be selected to receive the JDS Scholarships for the period 2018-2019.

According to JDS program, the grant will include TOEFL ITP and medical examination fees, travel and accommodation costs for interviews and orientation courses in Hanoi. The fields of training include i) strengthening the market economy system; ii) improvement of economic infrastructure and transportation; iii) Agriculture and Rural Development; iv) adapting to climate change, disasters and environmental degradation; v) strengthening the legal system; and vi) strengthening administrative capacity.

Not only offeringfull scholarships to students, JDS also provides funding for Japanese universities to receive JDS students to organize special programs for enhancing knowledge / skills for JDS students in study. Each school will design a variety of programs including international conferences, field research and other activities such as supplementary courses for new students, professional promotion courses for graduates or training courses/workshops after graduation.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung gave brief introduction on SAV’s structure, organization and operation.SAV currently performs audits of most aspects of the economy such as: management and use of state budget, investment projects, State-owned enterprises, finance and banking to land, mineral resources, environment protection, etc. Hung said that SAV has big demand for strengthening the capacity at the moment and in the future, SAV expects that JDS shall have a preferential policy for SAV so that manycandidates of SAV can participate in the program, thereby contributing to enhancing the capacity of SAV.

To have further information on the JDS program, Mr. Kenmutso Hedike has invited representatives of SAV to participate in the seminar introducing the JDS scholarship program organized on 20thAugust and 7th September in Hanoi.

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