Kick-off meetings to plan for 14th ASOSAI Assembly

In July 2017, subcommittees of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly Organising Committees namely Finance and Logistics, Program Developing, Information and Communication held their seperate meetings to consolidate contents and plans on preparing and organizing 14th ASOSAI Assembly and other important issues.  

The 14th ASOSAI Assembly is planned to hold during 19th – 22nd September 2018 in Hanoi. The key events include the 52nd Governing Board Meeting, the 14th ASOSAI Assembly (opening ceremany, plenary session 1 and plenary session 2), the 7th Symposium, the 53rd Governing Board Meeting. In addition, there will also be cultural programs, bilateral and multilateral talks on the sidelines of the Assembly.   

The main tasks of the Finance and Logistics Subcomittee are divided into 05 groups, including budget estimates and financial settlement for preparing and organizing the Assembly; arranging the venue of the Assembly and accommodation for domestic and international delegates; Inviting and confirming delegates; Organizing banquets, lunches and refreshments between sessions; Arranging technical equipment and facilities for the Assembly.

The meeting of the Program Developing Subcommittee

The main tasks of the Program Developing Subcommittee are divided into 11 groups, corresponding to 11 specific tasks based on the working position of each member and according to the functions and tasks of each unit where those members are working, provided that the capacity and strength of each one may be promoted. In particular, those tasks are formulating action plans and voting options at the Assembly; Formulating a detailed scenario for each activity of the Assembly; Agreeing on tasks between SAV and SAI Korea, ASOSAI’s President for the 2015-2018 tenure (SAI Malaysia) in the work for preparing and organizing the 14th ASOSAI Assembly; Proposing the structure, SAV delegates, domestic and international visitors pariticipating in activities and events of the Congress; Preparing contents in the general information handbook of the Assembly, and materials for the 7th Symposium; Synthesizing documents before and after the Assembly; Secretarial work of the Assembly; Organizing translation and interpretation; Training activities for the Subcommittee and relevant subcommittees.