On 8 June 2017, SAV’s Delegation led by Deputy Auditor General Hoang Hong Lac participated in the 24th UN-INTOSAI Symposium which was held in Vienna, capital city of Austria.  

The Symposium theme was “Digitalization, open data and data mining: the relevance and implications for SAIs’ audit work and SAIs’ contribution to the follow-up and review the Sustainable Development Goals”. Accordingly, representatives from more than 70 have focused their intensive discussions on the following issues: (i) What are the opportunities, but also the challenges, created by digitalization, open data and data mining for the audit work of SAIs? (ii) What kind of practical experiences have SAIs made in the framework of their audits with regard to digitalization, open data and data mining and which best-practice examples can be derived there from? (iii) How can SAIs – as a follow-up to the results of INCOSAI XXII in Abu Dhabi 2016 – contribute to the implementation of the SDGs in the best possible manner? 

The discussions showed that new information technologies and possibilities for the use of data entail profound opportunities, but also great challenges for SAIs. SAIs are aware of the fact that in the context of increasingly available information they are playing a highly important role as the providers of qualified information through their audits. They, however, also know that digitalization comes with greater expectations towards SAIs and changes the requirements regarding their audit work. Consequently, the exchange of experiences and best-practice examples is of great importance.

At the same time, the follow-up on the results of INCOSAI XXII in Abu Dhabi showed that SAIs are cognizant of the important contributions that they can make towards the successful implementation of the SDGs. Furthermore, they are taking concrete steps to put the commitment of INTOSAI in this regard, as laid down in the Abu Dhabi Declaration, into practice in the upcoming years.

The Symposium has adopted 25 conclusions and recommendations which serve as an important guide for SAIs in relation to "Digitalization, open data and data mining" both for their audit work and also with regard to their contribution to the implementation of the SDGs.  

By attending such an event, the State Audit Office could considerably benefit from a large pool of experiences and information in the field of digitalization, open data and data mining freely shared by the participants.

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