Workshop on “Managerial/leadership skills and practical experience for audit team managers/leaders”

On 19th April 2017, the Workshop on “Managerial/leadership skills and practical experience for audit team managers/leaders” was held at SAV’s Office, which was co-chaired by Prof. Doan Xuan Tien – Deputy Auditor General of SAV – and PhD. Le Dinh Thang - Director General of SAV’s Audit Training Institute (ATI). Many audit team managers/leaders as representatives for different departments and regional audit offices attended the workshop in order to share and learn how to further enhance the audit report quality through good practices on audit team management. 

Deputy Auditor General Doan Xuan Tien delivers a speech at the workshop
The role of audit team managers/leaders is very important. In an audit engagement, a team manager/leader is in charge of guiding the team members in term of professional area while also controlling the audit procedure to ensure the compliance with the approved audit plan. They have to regularly review and update their knowledge and capability regarding the audit topics and procedures in order to answer questions from team members, assisting them during the audit process and addressing any issues arised. Team manager/leaders also need to practice other skills such as communicating with auditees; teamwork; assigning tasks that ensure both the timeliness of the audit work and dealing with the challenges to encourage team members to learn and become more competent as well as overviewing the audit process and adjusting it if needed.
An audit engagement involves in many parties and the team manager/leader will be responsible for resolving any conflicts arising during the process to ensure quality and timeliness of the final report. Therefore, team manager/leaders first should have an insightful understanding of the audit topics, the audited entities and their environments. This will help them effectively communicate with the audited entities and lower potential tensions as the team shares an understanding of the entities. Secondly, team manager/leaders must constantly keep up with any changes in related regulations, laws, and audit standards to ensure that the engagement is in line with all applied requirements. Team manager/leaders also need to be well prepared to answer any inquiries from audited entities as well as from higher managers. Besides regularly reporting updated audit findings to higher managers, it’s also important for team manager/leaders to discuss and defend the team’s opinions as well as detect and inform them of any issues that attentions shoud be paid.
To enhance these skills for SAV auditors, the ATI will also provide more training workshops and topics designed to focus on soft skills such as communication and teamwork. In the future, SAV plans to provide a better platform for team manager/leaders to learn and share continuingly updated management and leadership skills./.       
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