The State Audit Office of Vietnam to launch a website for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly in early July, 2017

In the 13th ASOSAI Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the State Audit  Office of Vietnam (SAV) was honored to become the next host for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly in 2018.

For this purpose, the SAV created a website ( to provide participating supreme audit institutions (SAIs) with necessary information.

In preparation for the official launch of this website, the Information Technology Center (ITC) has been working with the International Cooperation Department (ICD) to upgrade and complete its design and content. On 4th May 2017, the ITC held a meeting to announce the lastest version of the website. As the topic of the 7th Symposium is ‘Environmental audit for sustainable development’, navy blue color which represents for marine environment was chosen as the theme color. In addition, the ITC selected photos and videos of UNESCO-recognized heritage sites as well as of Vietnamese people and culture to be presented on the main homepage.

There have been also many changes in functions and sections on the website compared to the previous version; these are:

  • A section gives a brief introduction about ASOSAI (e.g. mission, vision and organization) and key activities related to ASOSAI Assembly; and symposium is divided as a separate section.
  • A section allows users to access ASOSAI, INTOSAI and ASEANSAI websites.               
  • General information section provides logistic information such as visa procedures, airports, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers to support delegates before and during their stay in Vietnam.              
  • An online chat function is added on the main homepage; and registration forms are created and uploaded to assist delegates in registering for key events during the Assembly.

At the meeting, the Auditor General decided to create a web Editor Board led by Mrs. Ha Thi My Dung, the Director of ICD, that takes responsibility for updating information and solving technical issues. The trial period of the website is expected to last from May-June 2017. During this period, the ITC may add some changes without altering the format and structure of the website. It is expected that the website will be officially launched in early July this year./.

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