SAI Vietnam Delegation attending the 51st ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting in Bali, Indonesia

On 13th February 2017, the 51st ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting was officially commenced in Bali, Indonesia. SAV's senior delegation led by Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, Auditor General, attended the meeting.

Mr. Ho Duc Phoc, Vietnam Auditor General is addressing at the 51st GB Meeting
The meeting brought together about 70 participants representing 11 GB members, including SAIs of Malaysia (Chairman), Korea (Secretary General), Japan (Capacity Development Administrator), India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Also, the meeting attracted 04 observes including  SAI Cambodia – Chairman of ASEANSAI, SAI China – Project leader of Working group on environmental auditing (WGEA); IDI (INTOSAI Development Initiative), and ASOSAI Audit committee – SAI Nepal.
During the two-day-meeting, the participants discussed and approved 22 reports with regard to various important topics such as: strategic issue to establish roadmap, strategic plan, action plan for 5 years; the approval of SAI China self-nominated to be the next Secretary General and SAI Thailand to be the next chairman for the term 2021-2024 as well as the host for 15th ASOSAI Assembly. The GBM also reached the consensus on the time and date for the 14th Assembly 7-day meeting as from 16th to 22nd September in 2018. The theme for 7th Symposium shall be "Environmental Auditing for sustainable development". Hanoi Declaration will be adopted after the Assembly wrap-up.
At the meeting, Dr. Ho Duc Phoc presented report No. 17 on the SAV's preparation for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly in 2018. In the report, he emphasised the fact that the Scheme to prepare and host the Assembly had been approved by Vietnam National Assembly (NA) and an inter-ministerial Steering Committee was established and chaired by one NA Vice Chairman. The Steering Committee will be assisted by the Organising Committee chaired by the Auditor General and five sub-comittees to deal with different tasks including: contents and secretary, logistics and budget, protocol, media and communication, health care and security.
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