SAV plans to launch website for 14th ASOSAI Assembly

On 17th March 2017, SAV’s IT Centre organized a meeting to introduce demo version of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly website. Under the demo, the website will contain four accessible fields, including (i) Official information about the 14th ASOSAI Assembly, (ii) Online registration forms, (iii) Administrative functions, and (iv) User support tools and several key interfaces. 

The Auditor General is commenting on the demo version of the website

In order to follow the selected theme of the 14th Assembly, the website will also convey the message on “Environmental audit for sustainable development”. At the meeting, Mr. Ho Duc Phoc, Auditor General highly appreciated the preparation process by the IT Centre. He basically agreed with the proposed website structure and stressed that it should better communicate about Vietnam’s typical images as intangible cultural heritage sites as recognized by UNESCO and an introduction on SAV. He also required the IT Centre to quickly complete the final prior to trial run period. The website will officially operate about one year before the Assembly as initiated by ASOSAI common practice.

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