SAV works with delegation from ASOSAI Secretariat

On 18th January 2017, Mr. Doan Xuan Tien, Deputy Auditor General of SAV met with a two-member team from the ASOSAI Secretariat led by Ms. Nam Ka-Young, Senior Director of International Cooperation Division, Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea. The visit was aimed at the Secretariat’s reviewing preparation progress for the next ASOSAI Assembly which will be held in Vietnam in 2018.

SAV representatives works with review team from ASOSAI Secretariat
Mr. Tien welcomed and informed the team on the status of the preparation work by SAV for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly. He said that right after the 50th Meeting of ASOSAI Governing Board in Thailand, SAV sped up many preparation activities for the Assembly, such as getting the “Scheme for preparing and organizing the 14th Assembly of ASOSAI in 2018” approved by the Vietnam National Assembly (NA),  setting up the Steering Committee on Organising the 14th ASOSAI Assembly which is chaired by a NA Vice Chairman and the membership from many relevant ministries and government agencies. Under the Steering Committee, an Organizating Committee chaired by the Auditor General and five Sub-committees have also been established. At the meeting the Deputy Auditor General was also looking for the consultation from ASOSAI Secretariat on "Hanoi Declaration" and potential provision of training specialists from BAI.
Ms. Nam Ka-Young expressed her relief of the progress SAV has done for the Assembly. She also believed that a tight and effective cooperation between BAI as ASOSAI Secretariat and SAV in the coming period will better facilitate the preparation for the the event.
The meeting concluded with detailed discussions on the contents of agenda papers of the 51th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting.
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