Meeting on EU Project inception

The European Union funded project (EU-PFMO Project) to support SAV’s capacity building which was launched in June 2016 is in its Inception Phase. Under the Project, consultants from several EU countries come and work with seperate component working groups set up by SAV for the Project purpose. A recent meeting between the Project Key Expert 2 and SAV Working Group II was held on 5th January 2017 in SAV’s head-office in Hanoi.

Meeing on EU-PFMO Project Component 2

At the meeting, Mr. Robert Reeve, Key Expert 2 briefed on the Project progress and draft contents of the Inception Phase Report. He also informed about their approach to and the method of the implementation of the Inception Phase; materials to be provided in support for the finalisation of the Report, etc. Mr. Robert noted that, through recent working sessions with SAV and some Vietnam-based international development partners namely WB and USAID, the project experts had initial understanding and knowledge of Vietnamese public finance and the SAV’s practices. The Key Expert, however, believed that, in order to make a feasible Inception Phase Report, the experts had to continue their in-depth study on the SAV’s operation, focusing on the audit activities such as audit and quality control process, etc. Moreover, Mr. Reeve wished to cooperate closely with the relevant SAV units for more appropriate information input into the Inception Phase Report. He also suggested discussing the challenges commonly faced by both sides during the implementation of the Inception Phase.

In response, Mr. Ngo Minh Kiem, Deputy Head of the Working Group II exchanged his view on the approach, the method of implementation and the possibility of providing documents for reference. Kiem said his Group was willing to provide audit templates under audit and quality control process as well as other documents at experts’ request. The provision of the documents however must strictly comply with the Law on State Audit 2015, the regulations on confidentiality and other SAV’s relevant regulations. He also emphasized that the Inception Phase Report should specify the expected deliverables so as to ensure the feasibility and the effectiveness of the Project, and that the Term of Reference should be reviewed and revised in line with the current context of SAV.  

Later on, experts of the two sides discussed in more details about audit process in general and the State Budget auditing process in particular.

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