SAV will develop audit procedures for its performance, IT and environmental auditing
SAV has been focusing on financial audit and compliance audit for long. However, with an increase in public expectation for accountability, SAV  began to focus on new duties of audit which are performance audit, environmental audit and IT audit. In order to execute these tasks, SAV establised new audit units namely Performance Audit Division in 2014, Environmental Audit Division and Information Technology (IT) Audit Division in 2015. At present, the developments of professional guidance for carrying out new audit duties are in progress.

For performance audit, SAV issued its performance audit standards in 2016, SAS 300 and SAS 3000. The standards are in line with ISSAI 300 and ISSAI 3000 and fit to the practice of Vietnam. SAV is now in the process of developing its performance audit manual which is expected to be finished this year.

In the area of IT audit, the first draft of IT audit outline was finalised and it is now in the process of reviewing and revising within SAV. It is expected to be completed in the next quarter. Next step, SAV will develop guidelines for financial statement audit in the field of IT.

For environmental audit, the guideline is drafted on the basic of adopting ISSAI 5100 and 5120 with adjustment to fit to the practice of Vietnam. The manual is expected to be finalised this year.         

With the guidance completion and being put into effect in the near future, SAV expects to enhance its capability to cover more areas, provide audit reports with more in-depth analysis to the National Assembly. 

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