Workshop on enhancing the roles of SAIs in selected ASEAN countries
Under the framework of the project on enhancing the roles of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in selected ASEAN countries, there were two regional workshops held respectively in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (22 – 24 March 2016) and Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia (15 – 17 November 2016).

The 1st regional workshop was attended by SAI Brunei Darussalam, SAI Bhutan, SAI Cambodia, SAI Indonesia, SAI Laos, SAI Malaysia, SAI Mongolia, SAI Myanmar, SAI Singapore, SAI Thailand, SAI Philippines, SAI Vietnam, and representatives from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The main objective of the workshop was to share experiences and discuss on the ISSAI compliance on financial audit and action plan towards achieving the Project’s goals.

The 2nd regional workshop attrached about 26 participants from nine ASEANSAI members and representatives from ADB and GIZ. At the workshop, the attendants actively discussed and exchanged their views and opinions on the progress and results achieved in compliance with ISSAIs. Simultaneously, they also share experiences in the process of preparing financial audit guidelines and performing the pilot audit on some ADB’s projects in line with ISSAIs. In addtion, ADB experts made presentations on relevant contents to serve the financial and investigation audits.

The project on “Enhancing the roles of SAIs in selected ASEAN countries” funded by ADB focuses on the four members of the ASEANSAI, including Commission on Audit (COA) of the Philippines, Office of Auditor General (OAG) of Myanmar, State Audit Organization (SAO) of Lao PDR and the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) with estimated total cost of $800,000. It will focus on improving the compliance of their financial audit with the international standards of SAI (ISSAI). The Project will also work closely with ASEANSAI to disseminate the lessons learned from the selected SAIs to its other members. Based on lessons learned, the Project will assist ASEANSAI to explore other investments to enable other SAIs to move towards full application of ISSAI and improve the quality of public finance audits.

The project will contribute to the following objectives: (i) strengthen the SAV capacity for improving the national public sector accountability, transparency, and governance, (ii) to bring together SAV and ADB in common approaches in strengthening the SAV capacity to audit development partner (DP) -funded projects and other public funds and (iii) enhance support to SAV in line with its mandates, priorities, and requirements as the leading institution for external audit.

The project implementation was initially expected to start in January 2015 and close by January 2017. However, it will extend until the end of January 2018./. 


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