SAV establishes mechanisms to prepare for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly in 2018
The Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam has issued “Scheme for preparing and organizing the 14th Assembly of ASOSAI in 2018” at Resolution No. 345/NQ-UBTVQH14 dated 25 January 2017. Also, the 51st Governing Board Meeting of ASOSAI early 2017 witnessed a high consensus of all ASOSAI Governing Board members on recommendations by the SAV on time schedule, venues and sequence of events within the 14thAssembly framework to be held in 2018.

Accordingly, followed practices of a typical Assembly of ASOSAI, the 14th ASOSAI Assembly is scheduled to take place within 07 days in September,2018,fulled withactivities such as the Opening Ceremony, 52th and 53th Governing Board Meetings, 1st and 2nd Assembly’s Plenaries and working meetings of committees and task forces of ASOSAI. The proposed venue of the Assembly is in Hanoi, Vietnam with National Convention Centre (NCC) is chosen as the place of Opening Ceremony of the Assembly; otherstandard hotels nearby NCC hold most of working sessions and events of the Assembly and serve as accommodation for delegates.

In order to successfully prepare and host the 14th ASOSAI Assembly, a high-level international event of ASOSAI for the first time in Vietnam, SAV has to put its utmost efforts in term of human resources and form an effective mechanism of organizing to make the 14th Assembly a fruitful one. In order to achieve that, the National Assembly Standing Committee of Vietnam has issued Decision No. 346/NQ-UBTVQH14 dated 06th February, 2017 to establish an interministerial steering committee, led by a Vice Chairman of National Assembly of Vietnam, in which members are the head of 13 ministries including the SAV to coordinate and cooperate in the preparation and organizationofthe 14th ASOSAI Assembly in Vietnam. Under the Steering Committee are Organizating Committee and others Sub-committes.

There are fiveSub-committees to prepare and organize the 14th ASOSAI Assembly with their own specific tasks: The Sub-committee of Content – Secretary is in charge of regular contacts between the Steering Committee, the Organizating Committee and ASOSAI Secretariat (SAI Korea), as well ascoordinating with other Sub-committees to proposecontents andplans to deploy the Scheme to host the Assembly; Sub-committee of Finance - Logistics is in charge of ensuring funding and logistics for the 14th ASOSAI Assembly and preparing infrastructures needed to ensure good services throughoutthe time of the Assembly; Sub-committee of Reception – Festivity is responsible to make plans to ensure the organization of events and in making plans for ceremonial festivities of 14th ASOSAI Assembly; Sub-committee of Information - Communication has to deploy the communication, journalism, propaganda during and after the Assembly on demand-oriented domestic and regulations of ASOSAI; Sub-committee of Security - Health is responsible for ensuring security and medical care for delegates throughout the 14th ASOSAI Assembly under the provision of the laws of Vietnam and the requirements of ASOSAI Assembly. The Sub-committee of Secretary for the Steering Committee and the Organization Committee has mandates in administration work to ensure services for delegates and the smooth organization of the Assembly.
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